Monday, August 10, 2009

Hit by pitch

So...Cardinals pitcher almost hits a NY Met batter in the head and gets a 3-game suspension.  Meanwhile, a Dodger pitcher hits a Brewer Fielder in the [cup], almost, and walks away with only a fine.  Is that baseball?  It surely isn't cricket.

Update: Later, that same Met gets hit in the head with a concussion and no pitcher suspension.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Who would you rather have...

...Michael Vick in 2009, or Tim Tebow in 2010?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

AL wins All-Star game

Originally, the All-Star game was a chance to see NL players take on AL players before the World Series. Now we have Interleague Play for that.

Interleague play began in 1997. Since that time, the AL is 12-0-1 in the All-Star game, including tonight's game in St Louis.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

NCAA Basketball rules question

So the NCAA has changed the rules about what to do when the designated shooter cannot take the free throws due to injury.

What about in a false double foul situation, when the designated shooter is disqualified before he [and does it apply to the women's game too?] can take the shots?  Currently, a substitute would take those free throws, but what about under the new rules?

Friday, May 15, 2009

UND Name Change

Story here, here, and elsewhere

The NDUS has decided that the University of North Dakota will not keep the Fighting Sioux athletic nickname unless the two Sioux tribes in North Dakota allow the university to do so for 30 years and make a decision by October 1st. are some suggestions:

  • Eliminate "Dakota" from the name as well; your Chester Fritz University Fighting Engelstads! (In sympathy, NDSU will drop Dakota from their name and become Fargo State, since Northern State is already taken.)

  • Keep the old uniforms as long as possible: the Fighting S O X. Minnesota sports fans (and Northside Chicagoans) hate the White Sox anyway, so...

  • Since Grand Forks is not as home to as many pre-Columbian Americans as it used to be, the Fighting Olsons (and the NDSU Fighting Andersons) (Or maybe the Immigrants for one of them)

  • Go just with the colors: The Pink And Green

  • Keep the tradition of the nickel alive: instead of UND Sioux vs. NDSU Bison, renew the rivalry with the UND Jeffersons vs. NDSU Monticellos (Monticelli?)

  • Let the fans keep the name, like they tried with the Baltimore CFL ---- (and then the fans would say COLTS)

  • Saint Louis has athletics teams named for a popular toy around 1920. So...the UND Bobbleheads?

  • In St Louis, "hoosier" is a fightin'words-level insult for someone rural. If Indiana University can keep the nickname Hoosiers, the UND Rednecks?

  • (Not totally original idea) If we can have the Thunder, the Hurricanes, or the Avalanche, why not the Flood?

Who was Jeff Query?

His page on or Pro Football Reference